1. kareem
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Le Talium
    Strasbourg, France
  3. harsh
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Nathan Siter
    Tampere, Finland
  5. HUREN
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Zymosiz
    San Francisco, California
  7. Casual Violence
    Manchester, UK
  8. Stärker
    Berlin, Germany
  9. Catharsis
    London, UK
  10. Derlich


Zhark Berlin, Germany

Zhark Recordings began operations in the mid-nineties.
Zhark Berlin's hard-line revisionist doctrine holds no hostages- rejecting the myopic conventions of the electronic (club?) medium with its caustic amalgam of minimalist electroid-components savagely dismantled into an extrem free-fire zone of depravity. ... more

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