1. kareem
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Le Talium
    Strasbourg, France
  3. harsh
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Nathan Siter
    Tampere, Finland
  5. /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Zymosiz
    San Francisco, California
  7. Casual Violence
    Manchester, UK
  8. Stärker
    Berlin, Germany
  9. Catharsis
    London, UK


Zhark Berlin, Germany

Zhark Recordings began operations in the mid-nineties.
Zhark Berlin's hard-line revisionist doctrine holds no hostages- rejecting the myopic conventions of the electronic (club?) medium with its caustic amalgam of minimalist electroid-components savagely dismantled into an extrem free-fire zone of depravity. ... more

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